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We can redesign your weordpress website.
We can make your email campaign running smooth.
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Our experts will help you with the understanding of your website data.
Let us help you optimise your website for the search engines.

About us

We’ve seen businesses struggle to find balanced SEO solutions that would give them the right market position for their start-up. And we’ve always been able to tell what they were missing. So, after a few years of careful planning, strategizing, and preparation we decided to launch our company on the market – 10Leadmedia. Not long after the establishment of our company, the SEO services we started to offer became an instant success. It didn’t take long for us to expand our resources even further and deliver more features to our customers. Offering turn-key solutions for all types of online businesses, 10Leadmedia is here to give your enterprise what it needs – everything.

What we stand for

Our complex solutions are based on simple, yet efficient principles – loyalty, perseverance, development. When we started our company, we embarked on a journey with a never-ending mission, to develop instruments, platforms, and SEO tactics for helping every single one of our clients achieve not only commercial success but also give them their own distinct voice and brand recognition. We always strive for innovation and making every single element of our work process better – this is why, we at 10Leadmedia experience constant professional evolution.

What We Do

Our turn-key products include a complete media platform representation. You won’t have to worry if your online business is missing something!

Web Development

Focused on usability and scalability, our team delivers some of the most visually-stunning and immersive websites online to reach your clients across all channels.

Mobile Apps

Light, responsive, and useful - any apps we develop are meant to work brilliantly and inspire the user at the same time.

UX Design

Our products are in harmony with the needs of all people – utilizing our creations comes naturally and intuitively to give users relatable experiences on all touch-points.

Video Editing

Delivering the perfect video add happens with the use of powerful software tools, and cinematic-grade direction.

SEO Ranking

Constant research of the everchanging SEO market allows us to put you in first place – where you need to be.

Cloud Based Apps

No more worries about personal storage! Let your application’s data be where it should belong – in the Cloud.

What our clients say about us

We take incredible pride in a job well done! Even some of our most satisfied customers are kind enough to provide their impressions.

“I’ve worked with a few SEO companies, but none of them understood the essence of my work, except 10Leadmedia. My business is booming thanks to you!”
Web Developer

Robert Stones (34, decorative woodworking business)

“I was looking for a company capable of abstract thinking, because I work with a lot of young people. You guys really have an understanding of today’s market, thanks for your work!”

Nicholas Porter (21, personal shopping/delivery service)

“The creation of a communication infrastructure was my main concern, but you guys did an amazing job. My new booking app is on fire!”
Business Owner

Leyla Michelson (28, local tour-booking agency)

Web Development

Our winning web development solutions are based on meticulous planning and execution. The “5-second attention” rule is more like two seconds, so you can be sure that your website made by us will look appealing and captivating at first glance. It will also feature elements such as:

  • Follow and Share Buttons for Social Media
  • Proper Call to Action Segments
  • New and Convenient Scroll-Down Design
  • Mobile Device Format Optimization

Mobile Apps

By now, users are trying to stay away from applications that are too heavy to properly run on their mobile devices. We use only a selected variety of development platforms, every one of which is used depending on the task at hand. Our apps have:

  • Design Based on Your Needs
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Ease of Use/No Learning Curve

Retina Ready

Crisp quality images and elements will grab your attention.

Responsive Layout

Discover what swift and smooth functionality looks like.

Clean & Minimal

We deliver a product that is
based on “less is more”.

UX Design

We take into consideration that no matter how well a product is designed, people will find a different, simpler, and more efficient way of utilizing it. The basis of user experience design is taking into consideration that very fact as well, and this is why our UX-friendly solutions will feature:

  • “Out of the Box Thinking” Elements
  • Free-Flowing and Non-Intrusive Visuals
  • Junk-less Environment
  • Preferred Trend Consistency

Video Editing

Simple clip art images flying around with head-spinning texts are a thing of the ancient past. Today’s top commercials feel like you’re watching a movie, and making them look good takes the proper tools, and skill. You can be sure that our videos will:

  • Have Cinematic Quality
  • Professional Direction
  • Positioning and Lighting Work
  • Practical and Cutting-Edge 3D Effects

SEO Ranking

It is common knowledge for people in the industry that SEO changes on daily basis. A site that appears to be on the first position in one moment, can be on last in the next. Website ranking is a serious business, and gathering the right intelligence is always important. Our experts:

  • Follow Algorithm Update Trends
  • Compare Market Analytical Data
  • Devise Different SEO Marketing Strategies
  • Perform Environment Solution Tests

Cloud Based Apps

Personal servers have become obsolete when it comes to increased security and usability in the same space. Cloud-based computing is the revolutionary way for apps to operate, and you can be sure that our solutions in the matter are unrivalled. With cloud-based products your clients will:

  • Have Constant Access
  • Not Worry About Connection Loss
  • Have Increased Usability
  • Experience Maximum Online Convenience.

Contact us

We would love to hear about your original ideas and concepts! If you would like a word of good advice or ask us more about how we can help you, feel free to reach out to us – we are available on all platforms.

Get in touch with us to prepare you an individual offer for your needs.